Remote Support

We offer a remote repair/help service covering all of the UK. A technician will remotely take control of your PC to fix any problems efficiently. You will be able to watch and chat with the technician throughout the session. You are always in control and may terminate the session at any time. You will only be charged for the time connected to your computer. If we cannot solve the problem, we will not charge you.

• Fast support. Most of our remote support sessions are carried out within 30 min hour of booking.
• National. We can connect to your PC/Apple Mac/Laptop anywhere in the UK as long as you have an internet connection.
• Remote Support not limited to just problems. You can book a remoter session to assist in installing software, email setup, printers etc.
• Cost effective. No-onsite call out costs. No Phone costs, we will call you for the session.
• Evenings/Weekends. Our remote sessions are available Evenings/Weekends/out of hours at no extra cost.

How it works.
Call us on 0778 084 6589 or fill in the contact form below to book a remote session. Once a session is booked, we will instruct you how to download our remote software and call you at a pre-arranged time to begin the session.

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